Assistive Listening Devices and Hearing Induction LoopsOur team of trained professionals will design and install to IEC standards, for loop installations. We will design a loop system, select the best loop equipment for your application and install the design at your facility.

After the loop system is installed and testing has been completed, we will demonstrate the loop and offer onsite training. GET LOOPED will also provide a hearing health care professional from our team to coordinate the information and training needed to support individuals wearing hearing aids. It is critical that they understand how to use hearing aid technology with the newly installed loop system.

Our loop equipment is backed by the longest warranties and guarantees in the industry.

We are committed to offering the best technology the best training in the industry.

We invite you to visit our interactive GET LOOPED office. We have installed different loops, so that individuals have an opportunity to experience hearing in a variety of different listening environments. Individuals have a chance to experience the benefits of listening to television, music, a restaurant and a meeting scenario in a loop.

The demonstration allows people to experience the difference between listening in and out of the loop. We provide loop listeners to those individuals that do not currently have loop compatible hearing aids and to those individuals that have normal hearing.

We want all those attending to have a loop experience, whether they have a hearing loss or have normal hearing. The demonstration is designed to let people see a loop but, more importantly we want people to hear and experience what listening in a loop is like.

We will accommodate a single person or small groups by appointment.  Call: 330. 745. 2220

We are available for public speaking engagements to your group or organization. Please call GET LOOPED to request a speaker or presentation.  330.745.2220


To request information, schedule a tour, or arrange a site inspection of your facility, please contact us at 330.745.2220 

Where can a LOOP be used?
Places of Worship
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

Many people wearing hearing aids have stopped attending their places of worship, because they simple cannot hear enough to find the experience fulfilling. Even with advanced hearing aid technology, hearing poorly in places of worship, remains the number one complaint of hearing aid users. Installing a loop can change the experience forever.

Funeral Homes
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

Where could hearing be more critical than hearing a sermon or eulogy about a friend, neighbor, coworker or family member that has passed? An induction loop can make a positive difference in a difficult time.

Airports - Trains - Buses - Subways
Induction Hearing Loop Installation - Airports, Trains, Buses and Subways

Accurately hearing boarding, arrival, departure schedules and instructions for people with normal hearing is challenging. For the millions of people living with hearing loss, hearing boarding, arrival and departure instructions is nearly impossible. Looping public transit areas is very common in Europe and it is gaining popularity in the United States.

Hospitals - Medical/Dental offices
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

Looping medical rooms, counters and common areas in medical facilities, allow the hearing impaired person to confidently participate in conversations with the medical staff about their health care. Many patients feel that they need to have a family member or friend attend medical appointments because they struggle to hear and understand what the doctors are saying and they are uncomfortable asking them to repeat. Portable loops offer another quick and affordable alternative to a more elaborate loop system design.

Auditoriums - Meeting Rooms
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

Auditoriums and meeting rooms of all sizes often present a listening challenge for someone that has a hearing loss. Hearing and understanding can many times be difficult. Because the information and the conversations are not easily heard and understood, people with a hearing loss often do not participate in the discussions. Installing a hearing loop allows the persons wearing loop compatible hearing aids to hear clearly, understand and contribute.

Assisted Living Facilities- Nursing Homes
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

Many people with hearing aids have trouble understanding in these facilities. Participation and the social aspect can be greatly enhanced for those individuals wearing loop compatible hearing aids when hearing loops are available. Today, there are a variety of permanent and portable loop options available that are perfect for these types of applications. With the new loop technology, hearing in a looped area, like activity areas, dining rooms and individual rooms is now a possibility.

Pharmacy - Bank - Drive up Windows
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

The installation of a counter loop allows an individual with loop compatible hearing aids to hear clearly and confidently across the counter form the professional assisting them. The new counter loops can be installed economically and efficiently in most window and counter applications.

Television - Radio
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

Many individuals use closed caption, TV ears or extreme volume levels in an attempt to hear and understand television programming. Listening to music is often not enjoyable because the fidelity and lyrics in musical pieces is often lost or muffled to the person with a hearing impairment. Looping allows for direct audio input from the sound source, to the loop compatible hearing aids. Room loops and portable loops are usually used for these applications.

Courtrooms - Municipal Buildings
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed to help people with disabilities access public buildings, most courtrooms and government buildings do not have adequate listening assistance for Americans living with hearing loss. Many capable jurors are often excused from participation because they cannot hear the proceedings with confidence and accuracy.

College - Universities
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

Understanding teachers, professors, school officials and classmates, is critical for the proper development scholastically and emotionally of any student. Without assistive listening equipment hearing and understanding for a hearing impaired student is greatly compromised. FM systems have been used most often in the United States to accommodate a student with a hearing disability. Loop technology offers, an affordable and seamless alternative that does not require the use of time consuming frequency and channel specific equipment.

Movie Cinemas
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

Many people wearing hearing aids no longer attend the movies. The complaints are that the noise from the music and the special effects is so loud that they cannot understand the dialog. People are not willing to pay the movie ticket prices, when they are not able to hear enough to enjoy the movie. Looping a theater lets a person wearing telecoil equipped hearing aids hear and enjoy the movie, without wearing conspicuous assistive listening devices or sitting in an assigned area of the movie theater.

Hotels - Motels
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

Hotels and motels currently are required to provide assistive listening devices, however the devices are usually not utilized. People are rarely satisfied with the cosmetics, hygienic issues and the listening experience the devices provide. Portable loops are gaining popularity and offer a suitable and affordable alternative to the headsets that are typically available in Hotels and Motels today.

Gyms - Senior Centers
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

Exercise classes, craft, bingo games, card games, dances and other social activities can be more enjoyable when a loop is available and sound is broadcast from a microphone or PA system to loop compatible hearing aids.

Dining Rooms - Restaurants
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

Having dinner in a restaurant or at home with family and friends can present a challenging listening and conversational experience for an individual living with a hearing loss. Private residences can be looped and used with hearing aids that have telelcoils and today the new portable loops offer an affordable option for public dining environments.

Preforming Arts Facilities
Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing Loops

School plays and concerts, professional theater productions and performances of all types are often avoided by the many Americans who struggle hearing in public venues. All of the work and effort by many talented actors and performers of all ages is often lost on those individuals with a hearing loss. They can watch but, they often cannot hear. A live performance is unique and represents a once in a lifetime experience. Installing an induction loop can change and enhance the listening experience for someone wearing telecoil equipped hearing aids.