Assistive Listening Devices and Hearing Induction LoopsThe hearing aid manufactures have made great advancements in the hearing aid technology that is available today. But, even with the best hearing aid technology, hearing in many environments remains a challenge for many. Listening to sound in a loop changes the listening experience for the hearing aid user. Loop systems compliment the tele-coil equipped hearing aids and the performance of the hearing aids is enhanced by 100% when they are connected to a looped system, allowing clear, concise, customized sound to be delivered right to the hearing aids.

Everyone should have the right to hear in public places and the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed to help all people with disabilities, not just those Americans that could not walk. (

Hearing Loops - Induction Assisted Hearing LoopsThere are also many advocacy groups in the United States today who are dedicated to looping America. The movement is growing. Please contact GET LOOPED for more information. We also invite you to visit any and all of the groups listed below. Please join the movement... together we can change the way people hear in this country forever.