Assistive Listening Devices and Hearing Induction LoopsIt is estimated that more than 36 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss and the number of individuals living with hearing loss is expected to rise dramatically in the next few years. Today it is estimated that 1 in 5 Americans have a hearing loss and 1 in 15 of those are teenagers.
The millions of Americans wearing even the most advanced, tele-coil compatible hearing aid technology, still find hearing in many public places challenging. In many cases, people avoid public places because they simple cannot hear well enough to participate. The clear, concise and customized sound that is heard, when a loop system is installed, doubles the performance of the hearing aids.

It is a competitive environment. Many retail businesses, medical facilities, professionals, companies, schools, colleges, universities…and even places of worship spend much time, effort and marketing money to entice new customers, patients, clients, students, patrons and members. Installing loop technology so that people can hear, helps keep the people that you already have frequenting your facilities. It also sets you apart from others that have not yet seen the possibilities and from those that remain unconvinced of the need. When given an option, people will go where they can hear. Of course it is important and expected to want new people to frequent your facilities but, it is just as important to help those people that are currently struggling to hear... stay. Installing a loop system can do just that.

Looping is affordable and inconspicuous. It does not require sitting in an assigned area. There are no hygiene concerns about wearing assistive devices that others have worn. Once the loop system is installed and turned on, the person simple puts their tele-coil equipped hearing aids in the tele-coil position and they hear all broadcast sounds clearly and precisely, increasing the hearing aid functionality by 100%.

The "Loop American" movement is underway... find out what you can do.

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