Assistive Listening Devices and Hearing Induction LoopsGET LOOPED is a company dedicated to helping change the way that people with hearing loss hear in private and public venues.

GET LOOPED is represented by a trained, professional team of caring, dedicated individuals, with many years of diversified experience in hearing healthcare, engineering and construction.

The loop design and installation are the first challenge. Helping people wearing hearing aids with tele-coils understand how to benefit with the loop technology is the second important piece to having a successful loop installation.

A licensed hearing healthcare professional from the GET LOOPED team, coordinates the onsite training and information needed to help those individuals with hearing loss understand and experience the many benefits of listening with loop compatible hearing aids after a loop is installed.

GET LOOPED professionals are trained to design and install to IEC standards, for loop installations. We will design, select and install the latest in loop equipment. We offer onsite training and orientation after the loop has been installed. Our loop equipment is backed by the longest warranties and guarantees in the industry.

OUR MISSION is to help people with a hearing disability hear better in their homes and in public buildings and facilities and they have the "right".

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ada.org) was passed to protect those rights of anyone living with a disability. Much hard work has been done through awareness and the enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act to make public places more accessible to those individuals that cannot walk but, very little has been done to remove the barriers in public facilities for those Americans that cannot hear.

For more than 40 years, people in Europe have been enjoying the benefits of hearing in a loop. The technology is long overdue in the United States.

The GET LOOPED team is committed to joining others in the movement to LOOP AMERICA. Together we can change the landscape for the hearing impaired Americans in the United States forever.